Kavalier and Clay’s New York Part 1

In his novel Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon brings mid century Manhattan alive and for me a longing to be a part of the creative soup that was then and is now.  I took a walk along 25th street looking for the building with “scrolls”, located off Union Square just one of the many architectural landmarks described in the book (so beautifully, don’t have the book at present to find the quote). This is a highly edited 25th street portrait from 3rd ave to 7th due to lack of space (and camera battery life), the Met Life Building is 10 blogs in itself as is Union square and the view of the Flat Iron building. Next stops the Empire Stare Building and Houdini’s tomb.lexington buildingchurch old world the garage flea market location plays sinnnnn glass comfort inn met life appellate court met life ebay-4 armory baruch college

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