A Jill of all trades and anathema to branding I struggle with my addiction to discovery and an interest in ALL things. At present I am working as a freelance CAD artist creating original print designs, repeats and colorways for Studio42 as I as wean myself from my vintage clothing business Oly’s Vintage.
I am an outsider artist interested in lo tech creations in sculpture and environmental art channeling primitive process and motivation

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Liz. I am an artist/biologist/teacher. I like the idea of low tech creations or re-creations. I learned this week about the orchid. It has an interesting mechanism whereby, when a bee steps on one highly modified petal (the labellum) it triggers the fused stamen and carpel area to open allowing the visitor to step inside. Things like this really inspire me. I want to do a series of drawings illustrating the mechanism. What about an art form that becomes functional for both humans and animals and that does not interfere with nature? Something that allows nature to just be or that actually helps nature?

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