Details Magazine 1988

details 1988

I was so happy to find this magazine among my belongings in the attic. Hoarding has its upside. Be-longings…I’ll have to analyze that some day.

Though Joan Rivers would probably cringe at the hairdo that looks like it might ignite she would be pleased at its fodder for one liners and the great admiring piece  by editor Beauregard Houston-Montgomery .

Bill Cunningham ‘s has photographs and article on the surrealist exhibit at FIT touting set designs by Stephen de Pietri .

The men’s fashions had me laughing, short jumpsuits, shoulder pads with bowler hats and short ties. The models did a good job in that there was not even a hint at embarrassment.

I chose to show the busy and tribal prints that are we are seeing on the runways presently and Kieth Harings illustration for the LA nightclub that fits in so well with the MoBA exhibit, “Fetishism”.

One thought on “Details Magazine 1988

  1. So many strange fashion trends in the 1980s. Quite mad.I kind of cringe when I think back to some of the things I wore back then. I’m a total hoarder but I guess it says something that I haven’t kept much of my 80s stuff.
    Beauregard Houston-Montgomery! What a fabulous name!

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